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300 years ago, in an explosion of green light, the Moon exploded, showering the world with rocks and dust. After 50 years of darkness from the remaining dust cloud, mankind finally stepped out of its caves and other hiding spots into a world drastically changed; pieces of the core of the moon, known as Raystone, that landed on earth warped and twisted any life that came close, giving birth to enormous monsters, sentient bug-men, and a series of other strange mutations.

Now, mankind is on the brink of war, as the sun-worshiping Solar Empire and the southern arctic nation Porhikov are poised to unleash powerful Raystone-powered weapons upon each other. The old denizens of the Moon, the Cerebuloids, work harder and harder to adapt Raystone to change life across the world, the subservient Raystone powered machines known as the Coppermen secretly gather and discuss the world of the living, and strange, shape-shifting humanoids known as The Shaped hide in the dark corners and the brightest spotlights of the world.

In the untamed wilderness, strange and noble bug-men known collectively as the Khiilak-Cha form large tribes to facilitate survival in the mutated wilds, the savage Reptilika actively hunt down and kill even the most powerful of mutations, and the living plants known as the Trygg form enormous enclaves on remote islands to worship their bizarre plant-goddesses.

The world of Moonfall is one of strange creatures, panicked populations, nations on the brink of war, and the constant, ever-glowing, eye-like, green remnant of the Moon.

Home Page

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