Khiilaki Pantheon

Khiilaki religion consists of a worship of ancestors — the gods of the Khiilaki Pantheon are also the very first of each tribe to gain sentience, and each one embodies the soul of the tribe that it represents. Khiilak-cha tend only to pay homage to the patron ancestor-god of their tribe, but recognize each other tribe’s ancestor-god as powerful and to be respected.

Phi (freedom, wind, and brotherhood)
Always encourage personal freedom in yourself and those around you
Never hinder another’s path to personal freedom, but never allow another to hinder the freedom of others
Remain loyal to those who do not harm you to the very end

Lo (earth, fire, toil, and tradition)
All things have a divine purpose and role in life
Fulfillment of this purpose is the path to spiritual enlightenment
Those that came before are wise and should be trusted to lead the way

Tolu (wisdom, personal perfection, and shadows)
Always strive toward self-reliance
Being a burden to others is the greatest sin that can be committed
The search for truth in all things is a sacred one

Ne (death, sorrow, and darkness)
Pain is not to be feared, for it brings greater meaning to the rest of life
Never put personal beliefs before the practical needs of the moment
The embrace of darkness provides solace for those in need

Ba (song, arts, and joy)
Beauty is found in all things, no matter how outward appearances seem
Bring joy to all creatures, even upon their deaths
Creation is the most sacred of all acts

Ng (necromancy, fear, and rot)
Always remain useful to your community, even in death
Fear is a tool to be used, not a force to shy away from
Accept death with open arms, and rejoice in the death of others

Mu (stars, dreams, and prophecy)
The future is an eternally shifting place
Every decision made has infinite unpredictable ramifications
The realm of dreams is where all truth is found, even false truths

Khiilaki Pantheon

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